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59 Graphix

We’re not just another screen printer!

Screen printing for Riverside & the Inland Empire since 1989!

     We love design. We love the creativity we are empowered to bring to our clients. Our small team of designers, printers and staff are the essence of 59 Graphix.
We are not just your everyday screen printer. Our designs are classic and stylish. Not just clip art. Our t-shirts and apparel are fashion conscious as we stay ahead of the latest colors, fabrics and accessories.
We always challenge our printing techniques for something new or different. We use the highest quality inks and additives to produce the best quality products.
As a professional screen print company, we have everything it takes to create, produce and deliver your next project.

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Featured Services

We have a many types of services available to all our clients. Please have a look below at some of what we can provide for you.

[icon_box type=”linecons” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-t-shirt” design=”3″ title=”Screen Printing” icon=”headphones”]Obviously our #1 service. Most any type of apparel available, we can screen print for you. We have printing presses that will print up to 8 colors with a huge variety of types of ink. Glitter and metallic inks, puff and high density, crackle, vintage, aged and washed and the list goes on! Ask us anything about screen printing. We have the answers. We also print on non-apparel products too!

We also are unique with our printing since we only use manual printing presses. This gives our prints a handmade look and feel that you can’t get with automated machinery.



[icon_box type=”linecons” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-pen” title=”Art & Design” icon=”hospital-o”]Having a full time professional artist available to you for your t-shirt or apparel project is another one of our specialties. All we need is a basic concept for your design and we will begin our creation process. And in most cases, we don’t even charge for artwork! And if your not sure what it is you need, we can help you with the concept and bring your newly printed shirts to life. Single color designs to full color blending and shading. Simple lettering to photo reproductions. All is possible with our all in-house artists. Let us create your next project![/icon_box]
[icon_box type=”entypo” icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-trophy” design=”3″ title=”Team Prints” icon=”cogs”]Team apparel and uniforms are the most important when it;s your sports season. We are constantly printing team names and logos, individual numbers and names for our local schools and organizations.

Spirit wear and fan apparel are also an important part of team support that we print for sports of all types. Football, baseball, soccer, basketball, motocross, marathons and any other project associated with sporting events


[icon_box type=”typicons” icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-sort-alphabetically-outline” design=”3″ title=”Embroidery” icon=”heart-o”]From hats, jackets and polo shirts to aprons, pillow cases and beach towels and more! We can embroider most anything made of fabric. We use high quality Madeira and Robison-Anton threads that offer a huge amount of colors. Tackle Twill, hi-density foam, personal, individual names and much more![/icon_box]
[icon_box type=”typicons” icon_typicons=”typcn typcn-printer” title=”Vinyl Transfers” icon=”calendar-o”]Single color vinyl transfer prints are great for low volume, event shirts and apparel. Many colors available with patterns as well as foil, glitter and metallic films.

We can also make custom screen printed heat transfers for larger orders or specialty or detaled designs. Call for more information.


[icon_box icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user-circle-o” design=”3″ title=”Branding” icon=”link”]Starting your own apparel line? We can help with branding your custom fashion t-shirt and apparel products. Not just the printing but we offer individual bagging, custom hang tags, care labels and instructions and creative packaging too! We can add custom hem tags and custom screen printed neck labels for any of your apparel.


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